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VICE "The Creators Project" interview



ART FULL interview

アートフル インタビュー(日本語)

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BS FUJI "Break ZENYA" interview (YouTube)

BSフジ「ブレイク前夜」#199 インタビュー

A JOURNAL interview

Aジャーナル  インタビュー(トルコ語) interview  インタビュー(ロシア語)

LODOWN MAGAZINE / Introduction of artwork

ロウダウンマガジン  作品紹介記事(英語)

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List of media which have featured my work


ABC NEWS / AP / BRIL!O.NET / CITY A.M. LIVING Magazine / CURVE Magazine / Daily Telegraph / Enter Train / EPA / FLJ Magazine / fubiz / hindustan times / INDEPENDENT / La Prensa / LODOWN MAGAZINE / Mirror / NEW YORK POST / PRESS TV / Scholastic Art Magazine / THE GLOBE AND MAIL / The National / The Indian Express / The Wall Street Journal / TIME / VICE “The Creators Project" / Voice of America / WIRED / YAHOO! news

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Shigeki Matsuyama 松山しげき 

Artist アーティスト

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From 1998, he worked as a freelance illustrator creating product illustrations and advertising. Immediately following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Matsuyama held a solo exhibition in Tokyo called UNEASINESS. This inspired him to deviate from his 13-year career as an illustrator and begin working as an artist, so that he could create more conceptual work. Currently, he is working not only on tableaus, but also on objets and installations.

When I'm creating, I often take inspiration from the things around me; things like a sense of unease and distrust towards media like the Internet and TV, reactions towards them, and their effects, for example.


According to one study, "words only stimulate around 15% of memory-forming cells, whereas actual experience stimulates 95% of them."

With access to the Internet becoming widespread, the process of retrieving and subsequently forgetting information becomes a habit. Information, dissociated from personal experience, is harder to store in memory, resulting in people who are devoid of knowledge. And is it not the knowledge and memories gained through experiences that make our lives mentally and physically fulfilling?


The theme that runs throughout my works is that of "modern people."

I take a pictorial approach to the changes brought about in the lives of modern people through the spread of smartphones and the Internet — and their effects on our consciousness — and express those ideas through my work.







Solo Exhibition (selection)
2021 “Portraits" roid works gallery / Tokyo,Japan

2020 “docomo x rooms / Seen behind watching : Dazzle room” rooms40 / Tokyo

2019 “Welcome to the new world” shu / Kanagawa,Japan

2019 “Communication:Dazzle room” studio fujino / Kanagawa,Japan

2017 “Narcissism” Clockenflap / HongKong

2016 “Narcissism : Dazzle room” rooms33 / Tokyo

2016 “Dazzle room” rooms32 / Tokyo
2012 “CHAOS” NOS, Ebisu,Tokyo/Japan
2012 “SIGE Exhibition 2012 :epitome 1” grass roots, Yokohama,Kanagawa/Japan
2011 “UNEASINESS” NOS ORG, Shibuya,Tokyo/Japan

Group Exhibition (selection)

2021 Takeru Amano x Shigeki Matsuyama “Duality" Urban Spree Galerie / Berlin,Germany

2021 “Break Zenya Exhibition [Bijyutsutechou] selection" GINZA SIX / Tokyo,Japan

2021 “One FACE" roid works gallery / Tokyo,Japan

2021 “AaP2021" roid works gallery / Tokyo,Japan

2019 “9 -nine-” studio fujino / Kanagawa,Japan

2018 “Amazon Fashion week 2018 A/W" Shibuya Hikarie / Tokyo,Japan

2016 “Paint it Black” gallery Art graph / Tokyo,Japan
2015 “Kendama Exhibition” PINE BROOKLYN / Osaka,Japan
2014 “ROAD TO A DECADE” NOS / Tokyo,Japan
2014 “This is not a flower” gallery Yamanekoken /Saitama,Japan
2013 “T9G EXHIBITION TAIWAN” Undergarden / Taiwan
2011 “RedDot ArtFair Miami 2011” gallery chord / Miami,USA



2021「Portraits」ロイドワークスギャラリー / 東京

2020「ドコモ x rooms / みる、みられる。展」rooms40 / 東京

2019「Welcome to the new world」shu / 神奈川

2019「Communication : Dazzle room」studio fujino / 神奈川

2017「Narcissism」Clockenflap / 香港

2016「Narcissism : Dazzle room」rooms33 代々木第一体育館 / 東京

2016「Dazzle room」rooms32 代々木第一体育館 / 東京
2012「CHAOS」NOS / 東京
2012「SIGE Exhibition 2012『縮図』”epitome”」grass roots / 神奈川

グループ・企画展 etc.

2021「Duality」天野タケル×松山しげき 二人展 Urban Spree Galerie / ベルリン

2021「ブレイク前夜展『美術手帖』総編集長・岩渕貞哉セレクション」GINZA SIX 蔦谷書展 / 東京

2021「One FACE 展」ロイドワークスギャラリー / 東京

2021「AaP2021」ロイドワークスギャラリー / 東京

2019「9 -nine-」studio fujino / 神奈川

2018「Amazonファッションウィーク2018 A/W」渋谷ヒカリエ / 東京

2016「Paint it Black」ギャラリーアートグラフ / 東京
2014「これは花ではない。」feebee,SIGE 二人展 ギャラリー山猫軒 / 埼玉
2013「T9G EXHIBITION TAIWAN」Paradise, NMR II, Undergarden / 台北, 台中, 高雄
2011「RedDot ArtFair Miami 2011」ギャラリーコード / マイアミ




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