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2016 - 2017 / CG

I call the shapes that appear in this project ‘objects’.

An object is an entity without any substance which nevertheless can be seen.

For example, on SNS, where users expose themselves for attention or irresponsibly broadcast baseless claims, lies often appear as truth. The objects that appear in my work visualize this deception.


In this project, I use photos and videos that I have taken myself, combine them with CG objects to create fabricated scenes, and present the result on SNS.

Most viewers realize that the images are fabrications, but even though they understand that the objects do not exist, it is difficult for them to unsee or ignore the objects.

Instagram : sige_mt



2016 - 2017 / CG







インスタグラム : sige_mt

"Object" 2017 / Shot on iPhone7ㅤ
3DCG : @xxmographixx
TRACK : @moby "Long Ambients / LA6"ㅤㅤ

The BGM featured in this clip is used with permission.

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