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"Communication : Dazzle room" 2019.05.11 - 19  Gallery studio fujino

"Communication : Dazzle room" 

2018 - 2019 / mixed-media

Dazzle camouflage, used on ships during World War I to confuse observers, serves as the motif for the distinctive black and white patterns covering the room. In the piece "Communication: Dazzle Room" , the dazzle camouflage is used to depict the distortion of information in visual communication (transfer of information through sight) on the Internet.


Since the spread of smartphones, the Internet has become a common medium of communication among people. Especially on social media, visual information, such as images and videos, constitutes a significant portion of the information presented, and thus it can be said that visual communication has become a standard form communication. However, as seen with the camouflaged room, it is difficult to accurately interpret information created with the intent to deceive through sight alone. Because the transfer of information through visual communication is unconscious and intuitive, the interpretation of information is subjective and more prone to bias.

The dazzle room is more confusing visually to a person who experiences it through images or videos than to a person who is present in the room. In other words, rather than someone who has already experienced the dazzle room, someone seeing it for the first time through a picture or video will be more confused and take longer to understand what they are seeing. Some research claims that of the information from the outside world we perceive through our five senses, 94% comes from vision and hearing. From this number, it is clear that humans communicate almost entirely by sight and hearing, but nonetheless we still obtain 6% of that information through our other senses.


In this exhibition, information from senses lost online - touch, taste, and smell - will be presented in the form of a meal in order for visitors to consciously experience “real” communication and contemplate the meaning of communication in a world dominated by visual communication.



2018 - 2019 / ミクストメディア








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