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"Chaff Child"

2016 / aluminium foil、plaster、pigment、woodpanel  1,200x400mm

The work “Chaff Child” explores the theme of the “uncertainty of physical existence” of anonymity on the internet.

The aluminum foil used as a material in this piece is salvaged chaff, strips of radio wave deception paper, which were once used by the former Japanese army during the Second World War to spoof radar signals. It is one of the items which have been stored for a long time in a warehouse sin ce the end of WW2, which I am using in my art.

Chaff is made up of strips of paper onto which aluminum foil was glued with the aim of disrupting radio signals.

Sprayed into the sky in large quantities, chaff would make radar erroneously detect aircraft in clear skies.

The line drawn with this aluminum symbolizes human fingerprints and mind maps, and the chaff mirrors the way it used to be scattered into the sky.



2016 / アルミ箔、漆喰、顔料、木製パネル  1,200x400mm

 作品「Chaff child」は、インターネットにおける匿名性などの「実体の不確かな存在」がテーマです。


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