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roid works gallery

Shigeki Matsuyama Solo Exhibition “Portraits”  

April 22nd (Thu) - May 3rd (Mon), 2021 / roid works gallery

A portrait is a depiction of a specific individual. It became an established style of painting during the Renaissance, and since then, many artists have created portraits with a wide variety of themes. Some portraits have pursued realism while others have emphasized or exaggerated the beauty or ugliness of their subjects. (Source: This is media「肖像画」)


The series Portrait of dazzle uses facial photos found among the countless selfies and snaps uploaded on the Internet. With a video projector, the eyes from the photos were projected and traced onto a silhouette of another person, whose race, sex, hairstyle, or body shape differs from those of the original, thereby creating portraits reflecting anonimity and the uncertain veracity of information on the Internet.


By using photographs uploaded online, this series makes viewers realize that the eyes shown may belong to people they know or even themselves and brings to attention growing social issues like digital tattoos and deepfakes.


2021.4.22(木)- 5.3(月) / ロイドワークスギャラリー


(※This is media「肖像画」より一部引用)


 作品《 Portrait of dazzle 》シリーズは、SNSやブログなどインターネット上にアップロードされている無数のセルフィーやスナップなどの顔写真から、ビデオプロジェクターを使い「目」だけを正確にトレースし、肖像の輪郭はモデルとした実際の人物から、人種や性別、髪型、体型などを全く別の人間に描き変えることで、インターネットの匿名性や情報の不確かさを表現した「現代人の肖像画」です。



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